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Beacon Coffee Roasters



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Tasting Notes: Orange, Caramel, Chocolate Fudge

Origins: Sumatra, Guatemala, Peru

Roast Level: Light-Medium

The legend of the majestic Blue Beacon of the small mountain town of Bozeman dates back to early 1981, where two men named Terry and Bill came upon a tragedy so great, that they needed to warn an entire town before they ran out of time. 

The Tragedy:  Snow so deep that people need snorkels to survive!

The Solution:  Light a Blue Beacon on the top of the tallest building to warn the town!

This coffee is named after that glorious blue beacon that lights up each time the snow is to deep, warning everyone to stay home, thus allowing the bravest of the brave to sacrifice their well being in search of a blanket of untouched powder!


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