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Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Raisin, Cherry, Heavy Body with a Sweet Sugar Cane Finish

Grown By: Hacienda La Minita’s La Pradera Farm

Region: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Altitude: 1,700-1,800 meters above sea level

Process: Fully washed

Roast Level: Light-Medium

Each coffee parcel differentiates from its neighbors by having its own micro-climate, but the Costa Rica La Minta is not combined with any other farms in a cooperative scenario. Each coffee is milled by itself to maintain integrity, and workers only pick cherries when they have fully ripened. The farm uses acclaimed gardening techniques all by hand.

The La Minita Tarrazu sports beautiful honeysuckle-like blossoms after the initial rain and its birthplace is considered one of the best coffee origins in the world. A Rainforest Certified Alliance coffee, these beans come with the guarantee of a better life for the people and land it comes from––better infrastructure, a more sustainable ecosystem, farming education, and gender equality. Estate owners watch over every process to ensure every bean you roast reaches perfection.

La Minita bought this Costa Rican farm (La Pradera) because it has just the absolute ideal altitude and climate (rain shadow) for growing coffee. From the very highest point of the farm, they grew only red bourbon varietal trees, processed the coffee by hand, and vacuum pack them on site.

The beans are fresh off the mill, perfectly sorted, amazingly fresh and sweet.

The La Pradera is a light roast and has a rose floral, sweet, mouth-watering juicy taste.  Flavors are perfectly balanced between Chocolate, Cherry, and Raisin and is the perfect example of why Costa Rica and La Minita have such a good reputation in the industry.  It’s a coffee that you can brew and have sit there for an hour, and still not be bitter or astringent after it cooled down. The beans really are perfect.

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